Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Aliens, the President, and God

So tonight was the President's State of the Union address. I was looking forward to seeing it, until I realized it was on a Tuesday night and I realized I needed to go to my Philosophy class that evening. I had already missed one class (out of one) and figured it was time to go.

I nearly didn't make it since UNM's parking situation is ridiculous. But I did make it in time to sit in the back of the 25+ student classroom. My instructor, who apparently grew up in South Africa and speaks with a British accent, began the discussion with a softball question... Does God exist? She followed this up with questions on the nature of God and what creation tells us about God, going along the lines of intelligent design. Now, there is really nothing "softball" about these really heavy and loaded questions, and that was evident from everyone's responses.

Some were so quick to respond, they obviously had no grasp of the question. After many trivial comments about the evolution of the giraffe, some people finally showed that they had some comprehension of the subject. In fact, I was intrigued by one response in particular.

In the course of the discussion, one student had mentioned the theory that the earth (and its inhabitants) were created by aliens. (Insert "Twilight Zone" theme song here.) Of course, most people laughed at the absurd assertion, but one student had the insight to point out that parallel between an alien creator and God, the Creator. He made the observation that, as far as provable theories go, there is no greater case for alien creators than there is for a God Creator or cosmic energy force for that matter. And I think he made a point that highlights a common shortcoming of humankind: We don't know our Creator.

In essence, God is an alien to humankind.

He is just as alien and foreign as any otherworldly race would be to us.

There is so little we know about our creator and so much to learn...

Thanks for reading and look for my take on the State of the Union and the Presidential hopefuls in the next couple of days.

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