Sunday, February 04, 2007

Lesson from a Genius

Awesome news: My laptop got fixed today!!! Thanks to a very helpful Mac Genius, I am now able to use my computer again.

I'm so relieved. It was a good boost to a crappy day and an even crappier week.

Earlier in the week I was trying to write another blog and right in the middle of typing it... my internet browser shut down... and didn't restart. And when I needed to type my homework in Microsoft Word, that wouldn't let me type anything. It was pretty frustrating. Just as frustrating was the topic of the blog I was trying to write. Last Friday during my last Youth Night ever, my guitar amplifier took a turn for the worse... it died, right in the middle of playing (at least it happened at the end of the night).

But the one-two combo of having my amplifier and laptop die was really tough. And with my current money situation (being that I have none) I wasn't sure how I was going to be able to manage.

But so far, everything is working itself out. Yet again, I have the amazing Mac Genius to thank for not only repairing the damage, but doing it free of charge.
I also have Norm to thank for the use of his amp as well as his Fender Strat while I worry about getting my own amp fixed.

So I guess I am learning to trust that life is not going to overwhelm me, only if I allow it to do so. Which is a good lesson to know. I've already had the chance to put it into practice this week. It definitely helped to avoid a potentially rough situation. But that's another blog...

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