Wednesday, February 21, 2007

church marketing sucks (.com)

I've just finished listening to another two episodes of the Creative Synergy Podcast and I am genuinely inspired. Now I can't say that it's for everyone... in fact, most people won't even benefit from listening to it. It's geared toward people interested in communications, marketing, branding, media, etc. in the church. Now those may not seem like items necessarily associated with church, but I really appreciate and enjoy how those things are pertinent, relevant, and important to the church.

In fact, there are things I'm learning and understanding better that I'm excited to apply to my own church, Family Worship Center. Keep in mind, if you visit the website, we're currently working on a site redesign. (In fact, if you would like to see specific changes, email me and let me know.)

Church Marketing Sucks

Another similar site is Don't be surprised by the name, it really is a great, helpful site.

Don't be surprised if I reference either of these sites in future blogs.

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