Friday, February 23, 2007

Truth, waffles, and worms

This morning I was able to get up really early, before anyone else in the house, and cook up a nice, big breakfast. Scrambled eggs, hashbrown, sausage, waffles... It was really good. Really good. Especially the parts where everything kind of mixes up on the plate - mmmm - that's got to be the best part.

Anyway, while eating such a rare meal I was reminded of this:

"It's the early bird who gets the worm."

Now, I really don't like that saying. It bothers me. I'm not sure why. Maybe it feels too "naggy" or old-fashioned. Maybe I just don't like getting up early. It could be that the kind of people who would use a phrase like that can really get on my nerves.

But is there truth in it?

Sometimes truth comes in a manner unpleasing to us. Even if it's only subtly unsettling or downright convicting, truth doesn't always please the listener. Without hitting too hard on absolute vs. relative truth (although I could), I think truth hits hard on everybody alike. Everyone begins the same - immature, rebellious, downright bratty - but they eventually have to learn to adapt to the laws that come from truth. It may start early in childhood for some people, while others don't start until too late in life.

I feel like I've gotten a decent start, but lately I feel so far from it. I've screwed things up pretty badly lately, but the best I can do at this point is recover what I can and learn from it.

And eat more early breakfasts.

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