Thursday, March 01, 2007

A test

Today I thought I would post the findings of my DISC personality test I took last night. My scores did not accurately place me, but after review of the qualities of a "C" personality, I am thoroughly convinced of its truthfulness.


If you are a C personality type you are concerned about QUALITY and ACCURACY.
You want to be right.
You research every aspect of a situation and consider every eventuality before making a decision.
You value your reputation for being accurate and logical.
You like systems and procedures that produce predictable and consistent outcomes.
You look for what could go wrong.
You read the fine print. You are a stickler for detail.
You prefer to work alone.
You have very high standards, especially for yourself. You can be a perfectionist.

You are energized by...
Being right
Having access to information and data
Having time to investigate the problem, formulate a plan, and carry it through to completion
Being dealt with in a reserved, business-like manner
Being recognized and rewarded for specific accomplishments

You lose energy by...
Dealing with sudden or abrupt change
Being required to socialize, to deal with emotionally charged situations, and to disclose personal information
Lacking the time to process information or to evaluate consequences
Being criticized by people who don't understand the situation
Working in a system that lacks quality control or safety regulations

At your best you can...
Be fair and objective, not letting feelings or personal biases get in the way of doing the right thing.
Ask the right questions.
Maintain high standards in spite of pressures to compromise values or the quality of work.
You can be a clear thinker, an analyst, a diplomat.

When you are stressed out you can...
Suffer from analysis paralysis. You get bogged down in details.
Withhold information and become stubborn.
Become overly critical -- of others and of yourself.
Tell ideas instead of selling ideas.
At your worst, you can be a nit picker, a hoarder, an automaton.

To be your best...
Become more open to other people's ways of thinking and communicating.
Learn when it is appropriate to settle for good enough.
Gain perspective on the consequences of being wrong.
Know that you don't have to know everything before voicing an opinion or making a decision.
Cultivate acceptance. Become more assertive.

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