Tuesday, May 08, 2007

2008 Candidates

So I promised in an earlier post that I would offer my commentary on the presidential race. Now that I've watched portions of both the Democratic and Republican debates, I'll offer a couple of my ideas on the 2008 contenders.

On the Republican side of things, I have to say that Ron Paul is the most Republican Republican of the bunch, even though he differs from most other Republican candidates on a number of issues (including the Iraq War). For this reason alone, he is my favorite Republican candidate. Republicans are about weaker federal government and stronger state government. Today's Republicans are too busy wooing the religious and social conservative vote to remember this.

As for the Democrats... Bill Richardson automatically recieves my attention for being the hometown favorite. I absolutely support him but realize that his chances are running pretty low. My prediction is he settles for Vice President (not a bad option) or a Cabinet position (Secretary of State?). My personal hope is that he takes a Cabinet position since I think his experience would best be used there.

So who has the best chance of winning the Democratic nomination? The one who's not even running... yet... Al Gore. He hasn't declared but my feeling is he will not only declare, he will win. His experience and new campaigns for social activism and new tree-hugging attitude just might be enough to secure the Presidency.

Only time will tell...

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