Thursday, June 21, 2007

Diferentes idiomas. Mismo espiritu.

Diferentes idiomas. Mismo espiritu.
Different languages. Same Spirit.

I'm genuinely amazed that -- completely despite any language barrier -- everyone can share the same understanding, everyone can work in the same vein.

It's our very first service here in Juarez. Our night at Centro Victoria began with a fun, powerful worship time with the music team here. Tony and Chad continued the worship time on their guitars, Tony leading the small congregation in Spanish songs. Through translators, Raquel and Annette were able to share their personal stories with kids who really needed to hear them.

I was surprised that the local kids and adults took to the worship time and the service so well with no uneasiness about having strangers taking over something they do week in and week out. In fact, they loved it and responded to it so well. They worshiped God side by side with the team. They listened and understood in their hearts the messages people brought them.

Day one.

Simply amazing.

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