Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Reflecting on Mexico

I see that I haven't found time to reflect and respond to my recent trip to Mexico.

The last two posts were actually scribbled (rather poorly) into a small notebook while I was in Juarez. As the trip progressed, I found no time to write that I wouldn't rather spend getting some rest.

There was plenty of work to do at the churches there. At the orphanage, the men in our team were asked to build a cement wall and a sort of drainage system. This basically amounted to a ton of shoveling and pushing a massive wheelbarrow uphill several painstaking times. Everyone's attitude stayed positive - most surprisingly, mine included. But there definitely was an underlying sense of gratitude that this was just a one time gig for us.

As tough as the work was, I think everyone received such a great reward for there efforts. Nearly everyone commented in some way that they had gone to give and to bless the people of Juarez, but had received it instead.

Personally, I can't say I really connected with any of the children like some did. I didn't really connect with the adults like others said. I don't think I responded to this trip relationally or even emotionally. But I was constantly triggered in my mind and my spirit.

Every day brought with it a novel concept, a new idea, a challenging thought, a fresh understanding.

I want more days like that.

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