Sunday, August 26, 2007

God's Warriors and Professional Poker

It's something like 4:30 in the morning, I have to be at church in a few hours, and all I can seem to do is watch tv and surf the internet. I blame Denny's for serving me 6 cups of coffee and 3 diet cokes.

Well I did find some interesting things both on tv and online. I watched part of the God's Warriors special on CNN. Nothing really piqued my interest, just some talk about the unlikely alliance between Jews and Christians in recent times.

But then I ran across a blog written by professional poker player Daniel Negreanu. Apparently Daniel was having a sleepless night as well because he also caught part of the CNN special. Here's part of what he had to say:

"I also watched a six hour program on CNN called, "God's Warriors," that dealt with the various Christian groups in America and their influence on politics in this country. Much of it was really disturbing, frankly, but I also saw some people who's message just felt right to me.

...Greg Boyd. He believes in things like this, 'Rather than have heated and divisive battles over abortion and gay marriage, why not focus on things that everyone, those in the secular world and those of all religions, believe to be important. Like tackling poverty? You want to end abortion, well one of the best ways to do that would be to address poverty worldwide since the majority of abortions are a product of poverty.'

The right want to fight for the wrong things. Instead of focusing their energy on helping the poor and taking care of the Earth and it's creatures (it is written in Genesis that we need to take care of the Earth and all of the creatures in it), they instead waste too much of their energy trying to tell you who to vote for (people that will push their own agenda) and condemning homosexuality and gay marriage. Why are their priorities so out of whack? I have no clue."

-- excerpt from Daniel Negreanu's blog, dated August 25, 2007

Some of you may have heard similar comments from myself, I just thought it was interesting to hear similar commentary from one of poker's most revered players.

Daniel Negreanu, professional poker player

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