Sunday, September 30, 2007

10 positive things about me

1. I am creative.

2. I am particular.

3. I strive for the best.

4. I am sincere.

5. I am honest.

6. I am talented.

7. I have high standards.

8. I am reserved.

9. I am fair and objective.

10. I am detailed-oriented.

Please don't think that I'm just completely full of myself right now. The truth is this is kind of difficult and just plain awkward for me (not to mention that it took over half an hour). However, I really feel it's necessary for me to write some of these things out just for my own benefit. Like I've written before, I'm struggling in defining a plan for my future and I really believe this will help. I need to understand myself first before losing myself in a myriad of choices.

Also, I know I might regret this, but......

If you want a list of 10 positive things about you, let me know (you know who you people are).

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