Tuesday, September 16, 2008

[Alarmist Headline]

How many times have you seen a headline like this?

Consumer beware: Latest research suggests that [toxin/chemical] found in [common household product] may cause [disease/death].

Ok, ok. I know I just posted a link to an article much like what I'm criticizing now but that's partly why I did it in the first place. And it got me thinking enough that I felt like sounding off on the issue. Hey, it's my blog after all, isn't it?

So I think local news organizations are more often guilty of this kind of sensationalization (ooh, big word). After enough of them, it drowns out into white noise and I just simply do not want to listen anymore.

But I'm sure that these "consumer reports" and the like do very well among the 6 o'clock news housewife demographic and there's only so much real local news to report anyway...


Rants can feel kind of good sometimes...

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Anonymous said...

hehe I don't have much to say at all other than I'm jst wanting to see if the name thing works. haha (*.*)