Friday, September 19, 2008

Blurry politics

This article caught my attention on Relevant Magazine's politics page:
Right, Left or Center by Ron Sanders
Please feel free to read the whole article. It's this particular line and the way it's addressed that was particularly thoughtful:
"As people of faith, political life is simpler when we are one-issue voters. The more problems that concern us, the blurrier our choices become."
I appreciate the way the author addresses both the evangelical right and left (yes, there is a left) and thoughtfully offers his approach to politics.
And in regards to the quote: I think we are better informed and more thoughtful voters when the choices are "blurrier." I think it's great when I can engage people with different opinions and argue over the smallest details about a particular issue. And it's great when open minds can be changed - mine or theirs or (hopefully) both.
I hope you find the time to read the entire article and maybe even leave your own opinion here. I'd appreciate it.
Thanks for reading.


dorothy said...

Good points, Eric. Do you mind if I quote you on the nuanced faith site?

Raffi Shahinian said...

Speaking of Relevant, for anyone interested in winning a 1-year subscription to Relevant Magazine, check out the Too-Ridiculous-to-Respond Contest(submissions due by 9/29/08).

Grace and Peace,
Raffi Shahinian

Halleson said...

I read this post on and then read the whole article. Thanks. It was helpful.