Monday, September 22, 2008

Follow up to "Perfect Storm?" post

In my recent post on September 19, 2008, "Perfect Storm?" I offered the following opinion:

"This news cycle is a perfect storm that could very well sink the McCain ship. Each headline about the latest economy failure coupled with the "fundamentally sound" sound byte spells real trouble for his campaign. What I'm still waiting on is for Obama to respond with some real solutions for the economy. Until then, there are no winners - instead, the American people lose."

To follow up on my specific comment asking for Obama's response to the economy, I found this headline on CNN's Political Ticker:

It explains in some detail why Obama has not put forth a specific and detailed plan and why McCain has also not put forth any hard solutions. It does list some of each candidate's ideas that are worth reading. Here is CNN's final answer to the question proposed in the headline:

Verdict: Misleading. Obama has voiced specific ideas about the bailout plan and the level of detail he has proposed is not dramatically different than McCain.

I guess both campaigns are testing the political waters before they offer some real solutions for the economy.

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dorothy said...

There has got to be a better plan than offering above market value to buy worthless financial instruments off the banks who created them.