Tuesday, September 16, 2008

New Record

As quickly as it came, it's gone.
I have set a new record in waking up late, breaking yesterday's short-lived record of 7:53am.
The new record: 8:02am
Yes, I did in fact wake up after I needed to be at work but surprisingly I was still at work before 8:10. Not too bad, not too bad.
The real downside to my epidemic of sleeping in is that I've been slacking on my walking. In addition to walking to work I've been tracking my steps throughout the day on a little pedometer I got at work. It's a fun little device but it also points out when you're slacking - and I've been doing that way too much lately.
I need a proverbial fire under my rear already.

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Anonymous said...

a fire under your rear? hehe " I smell cookies " hehe (*.*)