Sunday, October 26, 2008

Albuquerque Obama Rally at UNM

Just wanted to get in a quick post before bed. The rally was amazing. Let me put it this way: I spent two and a half hours in line and it was still worth it.

I have a lot more to post and write but it's just way too late so here are a few pictures from the rally for now.

Me at the rally (just to prove I was there)

deen ew egnach?

That makes more sense. I actually really like this sign. It was just paper all lit up.

This is just a sliver of the crowd. I was pretty far back.

Apologies for the quality, all I had was my camera phone. Not to mention I was too far to get any pictures of Obama. I could barely see him as it was.

I'll give the full rundown later...

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