Sunday, October 19, 2008

Writing is a noble act

Writing is a noble act. I have great respect for those who can produce captivating stories that portray true feelings and real emotions. Authors, songwriters, poets. Manipulating verbiage until it works, until they know they have achieved something great. I would like to do that as well.

Sometimes I envy the English major or the published author. They have proof of their accomplishments. A framed diploma. A hardcover book. What does a hobbyist have to show for their writing? What is a blog worth?

At least I'm trying. Even now I'm working on a short piece of fiction. I would be glad to share it with you when it's ready - whenever that is. Writing, like most good things, comes slowly for me. I have to work hard at it and most often I find myself tapping away at the backspace key. I am all too well known for my harsh criticism of others, something I should be working on. My criticism grows tenfold in intensity when judging my own work. Underneath the high standard I keep for myself sits a tiny little monster called insecurity. It likes to manifest itself in a deep, pervasive fear of criticism, in a worry that someone's unfavorable opinion will invalidate what I do.

I must eventually overcome this obstacle. I will learn one day to digest other's opinions and accept harsh criticisms. I will have confidence in myself through my writings. And even just the noble of act of writing these things down have provided me a stepping stone on the path to that goal.

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dorothy said...

Eric, are you kidding? You already write as well as most published authors, better than many.

You just need to do it more....