Saturday, November 22, 2008

100th post!

So this is officially the 100th post in the lifetime of this blog.

It all began with my first post on January 22, 2007. Back then I attempted to outline what I wanted this blog to be about. 100 posts later and I still can't nail it down exactly.

So for now I will just continue to post things that are relevant to me - things that I find interesting and think that some of you might find interesting as well.

But on the occasion of my 100th post, please humor me and go back through the archives and find some old posts to read and comment on. Believe me, I know some of them are pretty rough, but I still want to hear from you.

There are a couple of ways to browse the archives. On the right hand side there is a drop down menu under "Blog Archive" where you can take a look at old posts. Also, you can perform a search using the Google-powered search bar also on the right hand side under "Search This Blog."

Go. Read. Comment.

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