Sunday, November 30, 2008

Lessons from a broken guitar

I love how spiritual music is.

Music, in so many genres and styles, from single instruments to large ensembles, can amplify emotions and sentiments - especially those we wish to apply to God. And I suppose that's one way to describe worship - expressing emotions to God.
my broken guitar

Since Thanksgiving day my acoustic guitar has been out of commission. Thankfully, it should be a simple fix as soon as I get the replacement part at the guitar store. But in the meantime it's been killing me. I've become accustomed to just reaching for it whenever I please. My fingers miss playing. I just want to grab it and strum a chord and it drives me nuts that I can't. It's become one of my go-to means of expression (right next to writing). It's been reliable. It's usually in tune (or at least close enough). And, despite rough handling and abuse, it still sings for me.

Now I'm appreciating those things so much more than before. A reliable means of expression? That's something to cherish.

But it doesn't have to be a guitar. It doesn't even have to be a musical instrument. Worshipping God has never been limited to those things. There are plenty of ways to, in my own words, amplify your sentiments toward God.

Think of feeding the poor. Not only is it straight up scriptural (Isaiah 58:7, Matthew 25:35), it's an act of worship. The act of feeding the poor takes the emotions in your heart of love and compassion and amplifies them toward God. The emotions are already there and your actions let them be seen and heard and felt by others - most importantly God.

I like to use a guitar. But I should be just as quick to pick up a ladle and serve others. If I can play and sing how I feel to God, I should be able to express my love through every action.

And I should be thankful to God if a broken guitar can teach me that.

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