Wednesday, November 26, 2008


I am not ready to move to Enid. Emotionally.

It's strange that I rarely show my emotions around others yet I'll freely write about them here. It really helps so thanks for reading. You're a great listener.

I'm most concerned by the fact that I haven't gotten depressed about moving. Not even sad. I'm not saying I want to be depressed and I'm not using that word in a medical context but I think it would be very healthy for me right now to experience that particular emotion. I've been anxious, excited, and even angry but I haven't experienced sadness.

I'm just worried that it's going to hit all at once. And hard.

But when it does, I'll be ready. Or at least prepared. Because it's coming and I know it's coming and that can really save me in the end.

And seriously. Thanks for reading. This really helps...

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