Friday, November 14, 2008

The Really Big, Really Old News

I can make it official now:

At the beginning of next year, I will be moving to Enid, Oklahoma.

Most of you have already known this information for quite some time and this may come as a surprise to a few. I would have preferred to write about this much sooner but had to hold off until I addressed a few final key people.

So why Enid, Oklahoma?

Short answer: Music.

Long answer: A good friend of mine, Sean, has invited me and another friend, Hector, to take part in a recording project he's started. It's all original worship music, much of it written during his time in Albuquerque while playing together at Family Worship Center. I already had the chance to lay down some electric guitar tracks and am pretty jazzed with how things are sounding so far.

Where is Enid, Oklahoma?

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When are you moving?

Short answer: Beginning of January.

Long answer: Probably at the beginning of January.

Have more questions? Just ask me. Simple as that.

So let me just say that an opportunity like this may only come once - although I hope to have more chances to pursue music in future avenues. There are no guarantees in this endeavor - and I don't expect any - but I do look forward to new experiences, fun times, and good music.

I'll be sad to leave Albuquerque. I'll be saying goodbye to amazing friends and a home church where I've served for nearly 8 years. As the oldest sibling, I'll be the first one to fly the coop which is sure to be a little tough on the whole family. Albuquerque is my home and I hope to return one day - just not anytime soon.

I never want to lose contact with my closest friends and family which is at least one of the reasons why I have tried so hard to maintain this blog. I want to keep everyone up to date with what's going on in my life wherever I am and encourage all of you to interact through comments and email. It'll be nice to hear from you.

There are plenty of unanswered questions about my future. There are also plenty of things to look forward to. I am excited to join up with Sean and Constance, currently leading a great college-age group at Enid First Assembly. I am excited to live on my own for the first time. And I am most excited to get working on the recording project and get back to playing great music.

Wish me luck.

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