Saturday, January 17, 2009

The Art of Compromise

It's the details that can make or break me. All the little things in life that I look forward to either leave me content when they work or ruin my mood when they don't. So it's a little thing like buying my own groceries for the first time that I was looking forward to while living in Enid.

Well today we did just that. Hector and I took a quick trip down to Wal-Mart to buy some groceries for the week.

Let me tell you, I quickly learned that grocery shopping can be very divisive.

White or wheat. Whole or 2%. Paper or plastic.

It's honestly a trial by fire to have to make so many decisions together one after the other after the other. Well of course you're not going to agree on everything but I didn't expect to disagree on nearly every decision.

You quickly learn the value of compromise.

It's give and take and give some more. It's difficult to say the least.

But it's not impossible to navigate. Of course Hector would say that he had to compromise more than I did but at least we got through it without getting too crazy about it all. We'll get better at it over time. In fact, I think it's a good thing for us.

Compromise is good for relationships. It says that there are other people in the world more important than us. It says that those people's opinions and preferences carry more weight than our own.

And I'll admit, Hector did compromise more than I did...


Sean Gallagher said...

I just have to say...WOW!!!! I don't believe I have ever heard you say anything like that ever! I agree that compromise is a good thing and that this whole experience will bring you and Hec closer, as friends, in the long run. I'm glad you guys are here and happy that you are having a good time. I also, want to say that the way Thrive has rallied around you guys and accepted you so quickly is really a testament to the group itself and what kind of people make up the group, so good job, Thrive!!

abby said...

woo hoo Thrive! We're awesome! lol