Sunday, January 11, 2009

Social Technology, Relocation, and a Thanks

In the month of December, I experienced a significant spike in the number of text messages I send and receive. In fact from November to December the number jumped 2,145 messages. There is one very simple reason for this spike: Enid, Oklahoma.
In December is when I started getting to know some of the people in Enid, most of whom I've never met in person, and began talking to them through Myspace, Facebook, and eventually, text messaging. Which resulted in a 2,000 text message increase in one month.
As I might say in text: LOL
Despite having nothing to compare it to, technology is playing a huge role in my relocation from Albuquerque to Enid. Technology is completely reworking our social interactions in a brand new way. Just observing what text messaging on cell phones has already done in permeating our society and culture will give you a sense that social technology will continue to carry huge implications in our lives.
I can already personally attest to how technology can develop social relationships even without physically meeting a person. It's even reassuring to have already developed friendships with people in Enid knowing that in just a short week I will be assimilating into their established social structure.
All of that is just the complicated and dorky way of saying 'thanks' to all the new Enid people who have reached out to contact me for making my transition that much easier...


Sarah said...

I like your blog. It's pretty cool :) Though I don't know you very well, I think we'll be hanging out a lot. So, welcome to Enid (in just a few days) I hope you enjoy it!

Anonymous said...

hahahah first off.... your a dork. but I do love your graph thing there.. second ..... you make it sound as though you're an alien relocating to another planet. and have been sending messages to them..... hehe..oh friend I do enjoy the way write down those amazing thoughts... hehe and then sum it up with a simple thanks... teehe (*.*)

abby said...

Eric! That graph made me laugh out loud! LoL. I like this blog better than the last one for sure! You almost sound excited to come now! We all can't wait to see you soon. Oh... And you're welcome! Youre a good text friend too :0)