Saturday, February 21, 2009

Apartment 1703

Yesterday Hector and I signed the lease for our apartment!
I'm pretty excited about having my first place away from home. It's a great two bedroom apartment in the Indian Oaks complex. We've already moved in all our stuff we have with us here, plus a couple of furniture pieces courtesy Sean and Constance (Thank you!) The apartment has brand new carpet and a fresh coat of paint and is just really nice overall. I'll get pictures up once our stuff is in. We're waiting on our parents to arrive with the rest of our stuff from Albuquerque later today.
It'll be really nice to see them to be sure and it'll be nice to get the rest of our stuff. But honestly that whole ordeal has been one big exciting headache chock full of uncertainty. At least from my perspective. But that's family for you.
But even with all that it's going to take to settle in, it's still a really exciting process that marks a really big first in my life among all the other crazy changes going on.
And even though it's hard to keep people in the loop, I'm trying my best to keep you guys updated as best I can. Of course, the lack of accessible internet definitely hinders my ability to update but it's also the blogger's curse that as life gets more interesting it also often gets more busy, and updating is just that much more difficult.
But I'm trying...

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dorothy said...

Great to have your address. Now can you tell me whether or not the red satin curtain on the American Idol stage is intended to resemble the fires of Hell?