Sunday, February 15, 2009

Idol Virgin

Great title. Let me explain...

This season will be my very first time watching American Idol. I've caught snippets of the show here and there but never a full episode and definitely not an entire season.

And with so many Idol fans in Enid I won't really have much of a choice but to watch the entirety of season 8.

(Can you believe there's been eight seasons? Crazy.)

It's not that bad of a show. It's most definitely entertaining. I'm just never all that impressed with the level of talent. My main problem is that the first thing I ask when I see a contestant audition is:

"Could this be the next American Idol?"

And since the answer is very often an absolute NO it becomes a little tedious to watch 36 semifinalists make it through while knowing full well that only a handful really have what it takes to win.

So I guess I'll just have to wait for all the fluff to get voted out before I really start caring but I will go ahead and make my very early predictions...

1. Danny Gokey for the winYes, it's a little early to be so sure and, honestly, I'm really not that sure at all. All I know is that he has an amazing voice, compelling stage presence, and he just might have the best darn attitude out of all the contestants which I think will bring him the votes. Also, I like making big predictions early on and hoping for the best.

2. Tatiana will (hopefully) be the first to go
Please, for the love of God...

3. Norman Gentle = Sanjaya reincarnate
 I kind of love/hate Nick Mitchell (aka Norman Gentle) right now. He's an idiot and a genius. But most of all he's an entertainer and if American Idol is willing to admit that entertainment sometimes holds as high a value as talent then I just might be alright with that. However, Idol is running a high risk of reviving the Sanjaya effect, possibility delegitimizing the Idol empire. Only time will tell.

So, any Idol fans out there? Agree? Disagree? Let me know...

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kidzpastor said...

American Idol will only break your heart. RUN AWAY! RUN FAR FAR AWAY!!!