Thursday, February 12, 2009

Working Man

So I have a job. Yay. Here's the story:

I heard about Startek from Greg who had worked there before. Startek is an inbound call center for AT&T and they're always hiring for call center representatives.

So I had applied earlier last week and never noticed the second follow-up email instructing me to go online and complete some survey-type deal.


So on Monday morning I headed over to Davinci's, ordered coffee and sat to finish the survey.

Within about fifteen minutes of finishing the survey I get a follow-up phone call which turns out to be an interview. I was told that someone would call back within 24 to 48 hours about the position. Another ten or fifteen minutes later and I got a call to go for an in-person interview that same day.

Which was really kind of a cool thing because I didn't want to go much longer without a job.

When I arrived it took a while for someone to meet with me but once they did everything moved pretty quickly and before I even expected it I was being offered a job on the spot. I accepted the offer, signed a ton of paperwork and was instructed to arrive at 8:30AM the next day.

And I've been attending training every day since.

It's a little bit of a drag. It's a little like being in high school all over again. But it pays well by Enid standards and it pays very well by my standards (especially considering it's my first full-time position).

So I'll tough it out and just wait on those wonderful little paychecks...

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