Sunday, April 26, 2009

Visitors, Gospel Music, and Tornado Sirens

Well this sure has been an eventful weekend.

Nick, Steph and their daughter Ava came from Dallas, Texas on Thursday so that Nick could play bass for Sean and the band for a charity concert we did on Saturday evening. It was a blast having them in Enid all weekend. They pretty much went everywhere and saw everyone in Enid, which is entirely possible in a few days.

We put a lot of hard work and effort into the concert on Saturday. We put a lot of work into getting all of our gear as well as ourselves ready. We practiced late nights all week and the day before the concert our sound check went something like this:

  • 1 hour of loading our equipment
  • 2 hours of setting up our equipment
  • 1 hour of sitting around waiting
  • 3 minutes of sound check
  • 30 minutes of tearing down

Even the day of the concert was a lot of work for just two songs. But in those two songs I feel like we represented ourselves very well and it was definitely worth our efforts. We had a great response that night with a lot of enthusiastic compliments, which always feels good.

And then as we get ready to pack and load our gear in Hector's truck we hear the sirens...

Tornado sirens.

While we had been busy listening to the rest of the Gospel Music Explosion, a huge storm was passing right over Enid. Most everyone cleared out pretty quickly but we were left waiting to pack up our equipment while the storm hopefully passed over quickly. Eventually it quieted enough for us to load up and head to Sean and Constance's house, where Constance and Steph had spent part of the night holed up in the bathtub taking their tornado precautions.

I can't blame them for being cautious. In fact it turned out that a tornado did hit in North Enid, way too close for comfort. I've never had to deal with tornado weather and this was by far the closest one had ever hit to me.

Eventually Hector and I made it back to the apartment and just as I thought we were in the clear and I could get some sleep, another round of sirens started. Fortunately our apartment is mostly below ground already, so I just watched the news to track the storm until it passed through Enid without another incident.

Suffice it to say, I had an eventful weekend.


Leslee said...

LOL! Don't you just love Oklahoma weather?

Steph said...

It was great fun. I really enjoyed everything. We needed some fun. Thanks!! It was also not fun sitting in the tub trying to think of what a train sounds like and if thats what I heard every other second. Oh well.