Monday, June 08, 2009

On Blogging

I don't like blogging about blogging. It's redundant and annoying but here's the deal...

I had another blogging hiatus while both my computer and cell phone were down for the count. Now that I have both of those recovered I am ready to get back to much more regular blogging.

The question is what do I write about? I already know what I will continue to write about. I will continue to keep you updated on my life, or at least attempt to. This blog is one way I reach out to friends and family back home in Albuquerque and elsewhere so it's important to me to keep them informed.

But here's my simple question to you (and I'd really appreciate answers):

What would make you want to read more?

Even if you rarely visit this blog, I just simply want to know what topics keep your interest. Is it job talk? Music? Guitars? Spiritual insight? Church? Friends? Romantic life? Are you here to read the latest news or to hear my thoughts?

You let me know, I'll keep it in mind as I continue to write.

"Romantic life" was a joke. I actually have a self-set rule on that. Just because of it's volatile nature, you probably will never hear about my romantic life on my blog until it's set to become legal, i.e., engagement.


Nicole N. Leyba said...

Ha Ha....that's funny I was going to say romance lol jk. Until you put that last comment. Actually I would like to hear about your life Eric! What's happening!?

Anonymous said...

I do miss the old blogs about Christian life but am hopeful to see the new blog ideas out on blog

Anonymous said...

happy birthday Eric from your family

Eric Castillo said...

Thanks for the input. It looks like I'm going to be sticking with basic updates on my life here in Enid. Basically whenever there's something new in my job, music career, and general life, I'll try to my best to let you know. I'm not going to keep myself to any kind of schedule.

So the best way to keep up with this blog is to sign up by email. It's honestly very easy. Use the sign up form on the home page, and then be sure to check your email to verify the address. Whenever I have something to update you on, you'll receive that update in your email. Very easy. Go try it now...