Sunday, July 26, 2009

First place, and other updates

It's been a really exciting weekend. Definitely a good reason to update...

This Saturday our band participated in a talent competition. It was a March of Dimes benefit held in the Sunset Plaza in Enid. We put a lot of work into it, including a grueling five hour practice until 2 am the night before, and it really paid off. We took first place in the competition.

We're pretty excited about the win but honestly it's just a lot of fun to have the opportunity to play our own music locally outside of church. I can't wait until this becomes a normal routine. I honestly love the music, love the playing. Even with all the hard work it takes and even when we only have the chance to play one song, it's still a great time. In fact, I actually enjoy the rehearsals and the thought and work behind the performance as much or more than the actual performance. I think once we start playing full sets with all of our own original music and other worship songs thrown in then I'll really enjoy playing live even more.

I'm also excited about Brad who has agreed to join us in playing bass for our shows. He lives in the city but he's already had a couple of chances to come to Enid to play with the band, including the talent competition this weekend. He even helped us out with some old school boot-stomping, knee-slapping music we performed for the church's Classic Service. He's a great guy, really getting serious about playing bass, and a really fun, easy-going personality to boot.

Well since I'm already updating...

I'm still at the same job. I had been considering other places only because I really need better hours. Well I have to say that God really opened up an excellent opportunity at work. A new shift has opened up. I can now take a Sunday shift and then work Monday through Thursday, morning hours. It's a huge improvement from right now, working evenings with only Sunday and Wednesday off. It means more room for more opportunities to play and that is a huge plus.

It also looks like Hector and I are going to be moving out of our apartment! We have a really good deal in the works with a friend from church who is renting out the other half of her duplex. Hopefully everything works out but it looks like a good fit for us.

There are other things I want to blog about but I'm running out of time and this is already a long post. But remind me later...

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