Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Back to the studio

Yes. It's true. I have some pretty exciting news. The band has finally been back in the studio! Sean finally finished writing the final few songs. Hector laid down the rest of the drum tracks last Friday and this Friday is my turn at bat. Which means a lot of practice for me. Pretty much as soon as I get off work I've just been going home and plugging in to practice. It's a good habit that I should really try to keep going even after I finish recording.

I really learned from the last time in the studio the importance of focusing on exactly what I want to play and how I want it to sound. I'll be laying the first rhythm electric tracks which is both simple and tricky to deal with. It's simple because I'm playing simpler parts but it can take work to avoid overplaying and maintaining a specific and intentional strum pattern. In a lot of ways I think it plays to some of my strengths as a guitarist although certain rhythm patterns just seem to escape me. I don't understand it but it's definitely something I've been working on.

So for the studio I'll be packing up my Fender Strat for some cleaner parts and a Tele with humbuckers for some heavier stuff. Although you can't see it, the picture is me playing the Tele the last time we were in the studio.

I'm really excited about playing for the album. There's a lot of personal pride in taking your equipment and your ideas and be able to record them and incorporate them in a worthwhile project. This CD is definitely going to be our little pride and joy once it's finished. I'm already really proud of everything we've accomplished this far and I'm honestly loving the music we've produced so far.

And in case you haven't heard the music (or at lease haven't heard it lately) visit these sites and keep up with the band:

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