Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Marking One Year in Enid

Ok, I promised to write this blog but I didn't promise greatness so here it goes.

Forgive any typos or basic nonsense, I just finished a P90X with the Ab Ripper to boot, so I'm a little more out of it than usual.

Well I guess that's one update to mention... I started working out with Sean and Constance doing the P90X routine. It's a really rounded out but killer routine that will last 90 days. I expect really good results from myself. I'll let you know over time how it goes.

Anyway the real reason I wanted to get in an update is that it's been one year in Enid. I had to look all the way back to this post from when Hector and I first moved from Albuquerque. That's how I new we've been here a year as of January 14th.

I think it was pretty fitting that nearly a year to the date, the Sean Gallagher Band had the chance to play a local show in Enid that I would date as one of the most rewarding yet. Under the guise of the band name "Prairie Thunder" we played a Battle of the Bands event at the National Guard Armory in Enid. The event was put on by Jeremiah and Sarah Herrian from The Forgotten Church ministry. Our band went toe to toe with some of the worship band from another local church in Enid. Our lineup included "Sweet Child of Mine" by Guns N' Roses, "Beat It" Fall Out Boy version, and "I Don't Want To Be" by Gavin DeGraw matched up pretty well against their versions of "Crazy Train", "Sweet Home Alabama", and "Heaven" by Los Lonely Boys. That was followed up by with some awesome worship by both bands. The night on the whole was really rewarding to me personally and to all of us as a band. We got to work hard and practice and it all paid off, especially when both bands spontaneously joined in on a few rounds of "Sweet Home Alabama" just for good measure.

I don't think I could quite capture the night with a blog or even with this news article from the Enid News and Eagle. You can even try reading Sean's account of the night on his blog at Maybe some of these pictures will help...

All photos taken by Todd Linza

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