Sunday, April 18, 2010

A little slowdown

It's getting really hard to take the time to slow down. I'm sorry that it means that I don't update as often. So I made the effort today to clear some much needed time at Davinci's to slow down, clear my head, regroup my thoughts, and push forward through the upcoming week.

And when it comes to busy times, this week will definitely be one of the busiest. For starters, the Sean Gallagher Band will be playing two shows this weekend which is great but it also means two rehearsals. On top of that, both Hector's parents and Ana are going to be in town this weekend as well. And if things weren't crazy enough, I've agreed to help out at another church for a worship event this month which I'm really excited about but it does mean learning a whole lot of new songs and more rehearsals but I couldn't pass up a great opportunity to play with other musicians in town. Now combine all that with the normal routine of work and church, and not to mention Last Saturday for the Saturday Night Service crowd at Enid First Assembly, and this is shaping up to be a slammed week.

And I'm ok with that. This is what I moved here for. I should be busy. I've got to be careful to find my balance but at the same time I get excited when there are events and rehearsals and planning and preparing and a lot of the things you may not see happening. So rest assured that things are moving along, even if you don't see them in action.

So for those of you wondering how things are going with the band - things are actually going really well. We are done recording and are literally just putting the final touches on the mix. We're still not out of the woods - we still have mastering to do before we can produce the actual, physical CD but trust me when I say that when the CD is ready, you will definitely know. In fact, I'll probably be in everybody's face letting everyone know the release date and how you can buy your copy and when will be in your area and all of that business. So be prepared for that. I'm excited for it and hope you guys are too.


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Anna said...

uhm, yeah. I'm absolutely excited!
Try to remember to breathe every once and again, I know you're pretty much flamazing, but oxygen helps ;)