Friday, May 21, 2010

Twister Party

Oklahoma saw a good amount of tornado activity this past Wednesday night. Every time severe weather passes through it makes me at least a little uneasy. It doesn't help when the only thing our cheap little antenna can pick up is severe storm coverage. Since the weather was dominating programming for the evening (with the noted exception of American Idol) I figured I might as well find some entertainment instead.

So I broadcast a message to friends through Twitter:

Anyone wanna come over and watch the movie Twister? Seems appropriate tonight... -@ericcastillo

To my surprise I actually got a response and so the night eventually turned into a Twister watch party with a few friends. (Not to be confused with a Twister party which I'm sure could be fun as well but kind of awkward)

Now, I vaguely remember watching this 1996 film all about chasing down tornadoes across Oklahoma back when I was kid but last night was like seeing it for the first time, complete with enhanced commentary from my fellow Oklahoman friends.

Some things I've learned from watching this movie...

  • Enid is mentioned in the movie just before everyone leaves Aunt Meg's when the broadcast issues a warning for "Garfield County, including the city of Enid." (source: Wikipedia)
  • The truck belonging to Jo Harding (Helen Hunt) was parked in Waukomis for some time. (source: Lyndsay B who says she has sat in the truck before)
  • Universal Studios featured the attraction "Twister... Ride it out" simulating the drive-in theater scene.
  • Many of the news reports spread throughout the movie are actual weatherman from Oklahoma news stations, including Gary England and Rick Mitchell. (source: Wikipedia)
  • They really did basically destroy parts of downtown Wakita, OK for the movie and then helped rebuild after. (source: IMDB)

Anyone else got some more trivia?

It was a lot of fun and maybe just a little eerie recognizing the names of towns and highways all over Oklahoma. I even recognized a lot of the storm related jargon and weather formations. I guess it's all just part of living in Oklahoma...

What have I gotten myself into?


Anonymous said...

Haha like I said I watched that at the midnight showing . Yea back then i was old enough to do that.
And i think a real twister game night would be awesome. do it do it

Cody said...

We said the same thing here in Tulsa, "Man, we should watch Twister". Unfortunately, no one actually had the movie and it wasn't available on Netflix instant... So our night didn't turn into an awesome Twister party.

Eric Castillo said...

yeah i picked up the movie in the 5 buck bin at walmart

well cody you still could've had a "twister" party if you had the game... i'm sure you could've had a ton of fun!