Friday, July 16, 2010

Felt Bird Fever

The first step is admission so let's start there.

I think I just might be slightly addicted to the Felt Bird.

More specifically, I've grown overly fond of these little handmade cards stamped with a random assortment of items, making them a perfect customizable form of creative communication. Thankfully they're just a dollar apiece and totally worth it, even for the dozen or so I've purchased so far.

It doesn't end with the cards. There's a whole tableful of these simple paper pads with purposes ranging from ridiculous to downright useful but all with great tongue-in-cheek humor. I've almost finished with my pad of "High Fives" and am ready to open my pack of "Paper Tweets" which is a great way to slow down and overcomplicate one of my favorite forms of short and quick communication.

So here's my deal to Follow Eric readers. Want a card? A manual update from @ericcastillo? I've got the time and I've got the stamps and just need your address. So email me your info to eric (at) or message me on Facebook and I'll have one out to you pronto...

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