Friday, July 09, 2010

A wordsmith's tools

A great craftsman never blames his tools...

Or at least that's what Pastor Mel likes to casually throw in my face on occasion.

Having the right tools for blogging is pretty important to me. Not nearly as important as inspiration or basic grammar skills but it really helps streamline the entire creative process if you have the right components. Here are mine.

My preference is my MacBook. Laptops are great for portability which I consider ideal for blogging. Desktops just don't offer that option. Phones (especially those ones made by Apple) take portability to another level but for me they sacrifice a lot of the versatility of a full web browser and a physical, two-hands-on keyboard. The only other option I might consider one day would be an iPad. Now before I get all the cheers from the Apple fanatics and jeers from those who find a giant iPod touch to be a waste, I'm not jumping on the iPad bandwagon yet. I'm waiting for some very specific qualifiers before I would consider swiping my Best Buy credit card for a shiny new toy.

The biggest requisite is a great blogging app. I've done a little research but there are a couple of things that I'm sure no current app out there has. One thing is a way to preview links within the post editor. Blogger has it in their online post editor but I haven't seen it in an app. Also, I would absolutely love a dictionary and thesaurus built in to the editor. Right now Blogger only has a dictionary. (You listening, Blogger?)

Anyway, I've probably bored 97% of you. Let's move on...

Whether it's from the source (i.e. a cafe) or a fresh brewed pot at home, I find being caffeinated can easily double my level of inspiration after even just one cup. When I've had nothing else around, I've even indulged in sugary sweet iced tea and it did the trick.

Again, the laptop allows you the chance to visit any Wifi equipped cafe and let loose but one of my favorite places is a hotel lobby. In fact, I started writing this post from the couch of the Best Western Barsana lobby in Oklahoma City. Cafes are classic but try some different locations for blogging inspiration.

Anyway, gonna cut this blog short for two reasons. First, I'm out of time. Second, I just don't think there's enough interest from blog readers on this topic. But I just wanted to get out a few thoughts that have been rattling in my mind a bit lately. Thanks.

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