Thursday, August 05, 2010

Connect Retreat

Wow, guys.

I just wanted to quickly capture some of my reflections and reactions to the Connect Retreat this week. As I mentioned in the last 'Too busy' post, the Enid First Assembly students from 24-Seven and Thrive went out to Arkansas City, Kansas to Camp Horizon for the Connect Retreat. I had the privilege to help lead the students in worship on Tuesday and Wednesday nights. For me and Hector this meant loading up all of our gear and driving a couple of hours to Kansas after work each day but we had the company of Amber and Daniel to make the trip a lot more fun. It was a little extra work but it was completely worth it to have the opportunity to share some awesome worship experiences with a great group of students.

I've had a few opportunities to lead worship at camps and retreats before but it never ever gets old. Especially knowing that a lot of students were experiencing God in such a powerful way for the first time at this camp makes it worth all the lost sleep and blistered fingers.

So I just wanted to take the time to say thank you to everyone who was a part of this retreat. Special thanks to Pastor Jason for letting us be a part of everything. 24-Seven should consider themselves lucky to have such a strong youth pastor with a heart that breaks for God and students. Thank you to all the students I had a chance to "connect" with. It was also nice to reconnect with a lot of the Thrive group and our awesome pastors, Sean and Constance. I care about each one of you guys, thanks for being such an awesome group.

To close I want to ask you guys a favor. Especially you Facebook people (which is like everyone, right?) Leave some comments if you were on this trip. Did you have a good time? Do you feel like you had a chance to "connect" with other people and God? At the very least, leave a "Like" but some comments would be good and pictures would be awesome. Thanks, guys!


Amber Hunt said...

It was such a great way for us to connect to each other just on a deeper level. Also to see the hunger that the youth had just stirred my heart even more. I have pictures, I will upload them today after work.

constanceag said...

It was such a great time of connecting with God and students. I loved every minute of games, room silliness, meals and service! Nothing can substitute for God's presence and it's something you never forget. I look forward to doing this again next year!