Monday, August 02, 2010

Too busy to blog

Alright, just going to be honest. I am way too busy to blog. Does that mean I'm going to stop? Nope. I'm still gonna keep it up. I enjoy it way too much.

I just want you all to know that there's a whole lot going on and I may not always have time to keep everyone completely in the loop (even though that's the whole point of Follow Eric). So I promise to try my best.

This week is a prime example of busy-ness. We just finished a packed weekend (check out the last Food for the Heart post) and now this week we'll be driving an hour out of town to attend the evening services for the Enid First Assembly Connect Retreat. In fact, we'll be hauling our music gear out there on Tuesday night to lead worship for the 24Seven and Thrive kids.

Then at some point we'll have to get in some practice time for another event this coming Saturday. Sean Gallagher Band will be playing at the Van Buren Cruisers Car Show at the Expo Center here in Enid. If you live in Enid, join us for this free event from 2-6pm Saturday, August 7th.

It's getting so crazy busy but I guess I shouldn't be surprised. In fact, I've been really enjoying everything we've been working on especially as we get closer and closer to our CD release. Hope you're getting just as excited as I am...

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