Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Update: SGB on Facebook, Crispytreats, and going home

Time for an update guys... Here's the rundown:

Sean Gallagher Band, now on Facebook
Ok, so there was a Facebook page for Sean out there somewhere. Well, don't worry about it cause I just finished launching the new and improved version. Be sure you Like it so you have all the latest SGB news, including pictures, video, and event information.

Crispytreats, the ultimate cereal bar
I have to say, if it weren't for the insane amount of sugar I consumed in the s'mores version of the crisp rice cereal marshmallow treat from Davinci's, I might not have had the energy to write this blog.

Going home, but not for good
I'm going home! Labor Day weekend I will be back visiting family and friends in Albuquerque. It'll be really awesome to be with my family again and hopefully I'll see a lot of friends from the 505. Oh, and I just might be taking some Enidites along for the ride.

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constanceag said...

Ugh! No fair for all my peeps to go to Albuquerque without me!! :(