Saturday, September 04, 2010

Follow Eric in Albuquerque

Today's Follow Eric takes us all the way to Albuquerque. Hector and I have been visiting family for the holiday weekend and a group of Enid friends have joined us for a little vacation. So far we have...

  • been to a real mall
  • eaten at Flying Star
  • taken the Tram to the top of the Sandia Mountains
  • had our families feed us tons of food

The weekend's still not over. We've got some more plans...

  • going to a casino (to bowl)
  • going to church
  • going to get some Dion's pizza
  • going to get plenty more food and family time

and who knows what else. It's been great to get a lot of time with family and to share Albuquerque with friends. Pictures are already making their way to Facebook so look for those. Alright, got to make this short so I can enjoy the rest of my weekend. Thanks!

Gloria taking a picture of me, Hector, Ana, Sierra, Amber, and Andrew while hiking the Sandia Mountains. So where are Zach and Daniel hiding??

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