Friday, December 24, 2010

Christmas 2010 - An unexpected trip home

Finally taking a minute to reflect on this whirlwind of a holiday weekend...

For those who don't know, my parents brought me back home for Christmas which was a lot easier than having the whole family drive out to Enid and have Christmas out of a hotel room like last year (which was a lot better than it sounds). So I booked an overnight Greyhound bus which was a quite an experience all by itself (which may just make it's way into a future blog).

But the biggest surprise was for Ana who had no clue I was coming in to town. And no, she didn't cry, but she was excited all the same.

It's been great to be at home and do a lot of the typical things I do when home in Albuquerque like eat homemade meals, shop at some (real) malls, and enjoy time with my family at home.

This time I also enjoyed having my family with me at church for Family Worship Center's candlelight service and also combining my family with Ana's and all of her nieces and nephews for a crazy scene of gingerbread houses and video games.

Tomorrow we'll wake up and unwrap gifts and play with presents probably until I have to leave for the airport but not before enjoying a big, hot breakfast with my family.

Tis the season

Merry Christmas everyone

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