Friday, December 03, 2010

Update: Uncensored, the radio, the holidays

I've been pretty busy with a few projects so I wanted to post some updates to the blog.

Uncensored Writing

Wednesday morning was a pretty exciting moment for me. That morning I went to the Hastings Hardback Cafe and put the finishing touches on my second article for Uncensored Magazine. Uncensored is a brand new local magazine and for their second printing I have written two articles. One is on one of my favorite local stores, The Felt Bird. The second is on two Oklahoma musicians, Samantha Crain and Ali Harter. They were both really fun articles to write and it was a really great feeling to put the finishing touches and email the final drafts. I won't give away all the details but I will update again when the magazine goes to print.

The band

Just because we finished and released the CD does not mean we're done. I fact, it means the work is just starting all over again. Right now we're working on a few local shows to promote the Simple Words album, including some shows at Ruth's Christian Bookstores. Ruth's is carrying our album, Simple Words, at the four locations in Oklahoma - Enid, Stillwater, Muskogee, and Oklahoma City. So if you're near any of those you should buy a copy in store.

We're also working on getting our music on the radio which is easier said than done but we're hoping it will be out soon. In fact, Sean and I are driving out today to visit a radio station so wish us luck with that.


Thanksgiving was great but just felt a little short. I should be expecting visitors the next couple of holidays. My family will try to be here for this Christmas and Ana, Gloria and some other friends should be here for New Year's weekend.

Before I know it, January will be here and we've got plenty of work to do and shows to play this coming year so hopefully we'll have a lot of success and keep busy without losing my head. The secret is to remember this is all one huge blessing and I want to enjoy every bit of this experience.

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