Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Before I'm late, the speech and other news

I'm a little afraid to start writing this morning for a couple reasons...

One reason is that it makes me late to work. I start writing and writing and then I get stuck on a particular phrase or idea and can't let go until I work it out. This causes particular concern when I still have to pack up from the café and go to work after. There have been a couple times at least where I've been tardy while working on a blog post.

The other reason is that I really want to comment on last night's State of the Union but here's why that could be disastrous:

I haven't seen the speech in it's entirety. I prefer watching the speech first from start to finish, without much interruption, and definitely before I start hearing the spin and commentary from all the news sources. I started watching it in clips from the CNN iPad app, but it was so late I started falling asleep during the President's salmon joke.

I have seen too much spin and commentary. Like I said, I don't want to hear other people's commentary before forming my own opinion. This rule isn't just for CNN and Fox News, but also for the peanut gallery at the table nearest me at the café. There's just now way possible to engage in constructive debate after hearing someone say, "Americans voted for what they want and now they're gonna suffer." Their flippant attitude about things is starting to get under my skin and it would be best for me to keep my mouth shut at the moment. Besides...

I'd rather talk about my new phone. That's right, I finally gave in and bought a cheap prepaid phone to replace the one I had gently tossed against the wall. It's just a cheap Samsung flip phone but it gets the job done. I just popped my SIM card in and within moments I started receiving a huge backlog of text messages and emails and even an unexpected phone call. I guess my mom's maternal instincts had kicked in and something told her she should try calling her son. Strangely enough, I had just turned on the phone minutes before.

Anyway, maybe some more on things later. Right now I'm late to work...

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