Thursday, January 20, 2011

Late night library trip

Last night I took a little evening field trip to the public library.

It's been awhile since I've even visited any library. This was my first visit to Enid's public library and I was pretty impressed. It's a great building, recently remodeled, and looks great inside. It's one of those places that I keep meaning to visit but just never get around to it.

A couple of things finally pushed me just enough to make a trip.

The first reason was to do some "research." Like I've discussed before, I've been working on some writing covering the topic of stress. I'm using a lot of personal stories and reflections to structure everything but I also want to make sure that I'm also keeping true to sound research.

I think what really pushed me to get out and actually pay a visit to the biblioteca was my friend Leslee. A lot of times I can persuaded one way or another based on people I know. It's why I prefer certain caf├ęs or restaurants. It just makes it easier to visit somewhere new when you know the person sitting behind the front desk.

Anyway, it was a fairly successful library trip. Went home with a handful of books to skim through. I'll probably be back to take advantage of having a quiet place to work with free Wi-Fi that doesn't require I buy a $4 latte.

It takes me back to all the time I spent in college working at the University of New Mexico libraries. I really enjoyed finding a solitary corner, sprawling out all of my work on a large desk, grabbing a half dozen research books, and ending up on Facebook or Youtube half the time anyway.

Eventually, I would get down to business and crank out all the work I needed to without the distractions.

Peace. Quiet. Internet. Books. Only a few reasons to visit a library.

Oh yeah, and friends.

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Leslee said...

I love it when my friends come visit me at the library! Glad I could help make your first experience at the Enid Library an enjoyable one!