Monday, January 24, 2011

Medical Adventure

This weekend was a little bit of a medical adventure, complete with a trip to the emergency room and everything.

It started a couple weeks ago when I notice some kind of bump on my cheek. No, I'm not talking about the side of my face. Unfortunately, this was situated smack dab on my lower right gluteus maximus. Just scroll down to see a picture!

OK, not really. And if you were expecting that then shame on you.

Alright, well to be quite honest the spot didn't worry me at all because I figured it was just a harmless pimple.

Gross but harmless.

But then...

The spot started changing and the middle started to turn black.

Not good. Not good at all.

My first reaction was to just ignore it and hope it went away. That usually works with problems, right? Especially medical ones.

Alright, so I guess ignorance is not bliss when it comes to health.

So I begrudgingly put on my coat, grabbed my insurance card, and drove down to a nearby hospital.

Now when I say nearby hospital I mean literally down the street in the same neighborhood. Which is convenient. Especially at one in the morning.

I made Hector, my roommate, go along with me mostly for the fact that I am still phoneless right now. It was unsettling enough being in the emergency room but without a phone it would've been much worse. Plus, having his iPhone meant we could watch YouTube videos while waiting for the doctor. Which came in handy considering the amount of time we just sat around waiting to be seen.

Eventually everything got checked out. I got diagnosed with a spider bite and cellulitis. I got prescribed some antibiotics to stop the spread of the infection so I don't lose a butt cheek. I got billed an ungodly amount for having a doctor look at my rear. I got to bed in the late hours of the night and I got a story to share for everyone to read online.

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Melodie L. said...

Eric, I just cannot decide what the scariest part of this story is. You are the second person I know who has been bitten by a spider in the past few weeks. To bugaphobes like Abby C. and I, this is near epidemic proportions. Then, I have to think about how terrifyingly awkward it would be to have to send someone a card with my condolences on the loss of their butt cheek. I am not sure my heart can handle the stress of another blog post like this. ;0/