Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Sam and Ali Uncensored at the Felt Bird

This past Friday I got a chance to see Ali Harter and Samantha Crain play live at The Felt Bird for First Friday and the release of Uncensored Magazine. You might not know who they are but I can tell you plenty about them, including where they're from, how long they've been playing music, how many CD's they've made, the places they've toured, and a few other factoids.

The reason I know all of this is because I had the chance to interview them and write an article for Uncensored about these two Oklahoma musicians.

The article is in the "The Girlie Issue" of Uncensored and the release part was the first time I finally had a chance to meet and watch both Samantha and Ali perform.

I'll admit I felt a little dorky talking to them, especially asking them to sign the article but this article represents my first published work so it's something that I'm gonna keep around and remember. I also wrote a second article about The Felt Bird. I'll admit, that one was much easier to write simply based on my familiarity with the shop but there was also a lot I learned and the final product was something even better than I originally imagined it. It was a great experience learning the art of a good interview and perfecting my writing skills and I look forward to expanding my writing in the future.

So if you live around Enid, pick up a (free) copy of Uncensored Magazine at different locations around town (Buffalo Wild Wings, Kaffee-Klatsch, and The Felt Bird, all have copies and there are plenty of other businesses). Hope you enjoy the articles!

[And sorry I took my time posting this. I wanted to include some photos but that just didn't work out so maybe another time]

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