Monday, January 31, 2011

Wild Game and a Wedding

Deer. Pheasant. Wild turkey and ham. Duck. Duck. Goose.

That's what it was like working my way through the buffet line at Enid First Assembly's annual Wild Game Feed yesterday. Once a year Pastor Dan goes on a hunting spree and brings in enough pheasant to feed a congregation.

Few things in life will make you feel more like a man than pigging out on animals killed in the wild.

I loaded up my plate with with as much protein as possible including fried wild turkey and pheasant, venison casserole, duck and goose, and deer BBQ.

And this healthy serving of protein-rich man-food came just in time to redeem my masculinity after I was caught serving sherbet punch at a wedding shower - a huge infraction against my man-card.


OK in reality, I was glad to help out at the party. It was Hector and Jenna's shower ahead of their February 12th wedding.

That's less than two weeks away!

It's crazy to think that Hector will be a married man in such a short time. Without going into details and getting all mushy, Hector and I have grown close, especially these last two years after moving away from our families in Albuquerque and moving in together. It makes me a little sad he's moving out but then again I don't know if you can count moving across the hallway to the other side of our duplex as "moving out." Also, I'm sure he's excited about starting a family and his future with Jenna so I'm glad for both of them and happy to add Rylee to the household.

Congratulations and I love you guys.

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constanceag said...

2 things:

duck, duck, goose= clever


i forgot the 2nd thing :)