Thursday, February 24, 2011

Ketchup revisited

It's been a rough week for me with the reoccurrence of a killer toothache that I never got taken care of among other things recently. So I want to keep this one light and revisit something that puts me in a good mood.

Ketchup packets.

You may not give them much thought at all. You probably grab handful of them to go alongside your potato of choice - either french fries, waffle fries, or maybe even a tater tot - and pick and prod at them to hopefully tear off just the right size hole in the corner to access the sauce inside. Then you have to calculate if the hole is the right size to apply directly to the fry or is it better to squeeze out onto the paper tray in front of you. And if you do squeeze out a little dollop it's never enough to actually dunk a fry in. And that's assuming your stationary. What if you're mobile, traveling in a vehicle? It's endless frustration and I'm glad to say there is finally hope.

After 40 years, Heinz revamps ketchup packets

This isn't the first time Follow Eric readers have heard about this. In fact, back in April I found a news article announcing the change was coming to select U.S. cities. Then, just recently, a friend of mine sent me this picture (slightly doctored):

These updated condiment dispensers are starting to make appearances here and there. Apparently this one wound up in a Chick-fil-A. Unfortunately, little old Enid has yet to see these anywhere that I've noticed in town, but my friends in Albuquerque and Tulsa have already reported sightings and even sent in photographic proof of their existence.

So I'm going to encourage all Follow Eric readers to report any findings and send in pictures of these Heinz dispensing wonders. It would definitely help cheer me up! You can post pictures to my Follow Eric Facebook wall or email them to eric(at) or text me if you have my number.



Leslee said...

I totally blogged about your blog tonight. I even included a link to here. :)

Abby Gayle said...

That's my picture! That's my picture! That's my picture! :)