Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Winter Weather Preparedness

It's passing 1AM and still there is no visible sign that Snowmageddon is about to hit. Yet I still have full faith that when I wake up in the morning, Enid will be blanketed over with a good bit of snow and hit with freezing temperatures.

Now you should know that I'm a New Mexikid and back in Albuquerque we never had to deal with crazy winter storms like the pending snowpocalypse that everyone's concerned about.

I knew we were expecting some weather and I expected it to be pretty bad but as people started talking about all the things they are doing in advance of the storm I realized I was ill prepared for even a little freezing drizzle.

So I started asking around at work about what I should be doing. I had no clue I needed to leave the water dripping in the faucets or I should be stocked up on bottled water. In fact, as they were telling telling me the horror stories of the ice storm in 2001, I thought about the empty fridge and cupboards at home and how I would have no way to eat my Lean Cuisines if the power went out.

As much as I hated the thought of fighting people for the last case of Ramen at United, I ventured out to the grocery store and stocked up on just a handful of essentials but this is a list I started for fun while I was at work. I could use your help finishing. Feel free to be creative/funny/whatever...

Winter Weather Preparedness List
  • Flashlight (a real one! not your cell phone!)
  • Candles (lavender-scented to calm you down while your pipes burst)
  • SnuggieTM
  • Sandwich supplies
    • Meat (ham, turkey, bologna, etc.)
    • Pasteurized cheese product
    • Condiments (mayonnaise, ketchup, mustard, peanut butter)
  • A paper book (sadly, I have to specify paper so you don't run your iPad battery down leafing through Pride and Prejudice)
  • A few large cases of Dasani water (enough to take a bath in)

What would you add to the list?

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Yoshi said...

I have to disagree... If you are cool enough to have an Android with a flash there are many apps that allow you to use it as a flashlight... My Nexus One is actually brighter than most flashlights