Friday, March 25, 2011

Embracing Insomnia

OK, I'll admit it. I like coffee just a little too much. Apparently just a little more than sleep.

As many of you already know, I've been struggling the last few weeks with a bout of insomnia. Some nights are much worse than others. Last night I was asleep at a decent hour (pre-midnight) but the night before it was 3AM before I was able to rest (which produced the last blog post).

I've figured out that the main culprit appears to be coffee. Environment, eating habits, and stress are all other factors as well but my biggest downfall is espresso too late in the day.

But here's the thing - I really like coffee. A lot. More than I realized. And it's not just a caffeine addiction. I took a day off and found that I really missed the espresso flavor and the sugary sweet stimulation.

So today I threw caution to the wind and enjoyed my coffee without concern for the inevitable havoc it will wreak on my sleep pattern. I celebrated at Hastings Hardback Cafe's Happy Hour - buy one, get one free. I enjoyed an iced Irish Cream latte while my hot Caramel Macchiato cooled off. And even now I'm enjoying a White Chocolate coffee from IHOP.

I guess rather than suffer from insomnia I'm just going to embrace it. Maybe even celebrate it.

In fact, I'm even considering a 24-hour marathon of café hopping, latte drinking, and constant blogging.

What would you guys think of tracking along with Twitter updates, live video streaming, and constant blog posts while I join up with fellow blogger Ben Burleigh from Between The Lines to hit up as many cafes as we can in Enid and surrounding areas (I'm looking at you, Little Bit of Seattle). Local Follow Eric readers could even join up with us at any point during those 24 hours. I might even take along my acoustic guitar and play you a song. Who knows?

It's just a thought at this point but a very strong possibility in the next month or so. Which means I could use some encouragement to know if it's an idea worth pursuing. How many might actually try to meet up with us? Maybe for Davinci's Power Hour? Would you be brave enough to help us through the overnight hours at IHOP? Or at least keep track online?

Let me know. I'll be up a little bit working off this coffee anyway...


And just a friendly reminder, we're still working on raising funds for Soles4Souls. Make a donation and check our progress here:


Melodie said...

I know a group of crazy girls who might see you at power hour...especially if there was a guitar involved. (Actually, this may not be a bad way to meet people in general.) However, as for middle of the night wanderings, I think I might check in once when I get up to let the dog out....LOL

the felt bird said...

Maybe we'll offer wi-fi, water and bagles to give you a break from all that coffee!

Eric Castillo said...

@Melodie - I'll use the guitar to my advantage if that's what it takes lol

@the felt bird - Sounds pretty good to me!

Leslee said...

Davinci's Power Hour for sure!! I'd even be willing to go to the HBC for Happy Hour. I guess we'll probably see you Tuesday for GNO plus you?

Melodie said...

I've always felt that GNO needed a musician/blogger to provide good background music, and chronicle the madness. It would save us from dropping the thread of the conversation to add quotes to FB! LOL!!!!