Monday, March 14, 2011

It's National Frozen Food Month!

I bet you didn't know that March is officially National Frozen Food Month. By declaration of the National Frozen & Refrigerated Foods Association the month of March is dedicated to the promotion of all foods frozen (or at least the official food brand sponsors).

This is very exciting for a bachelor like myself who's current sustenance is no less then 40% frozen foodstuffs.

Now before you start knocking my choice in culinary consumption let me defend myself a bit.


First of all, my primary alternative to frozen foods is eating out. So when it comes to a "value meal" that costs nearly five dollars or more after tax or the $10-$15 I'll spend at a restaurant versus the $2.50 I spend on a frozen dinner, I actually come out ahead by eating frozen.

Secondly, I actually eat healthier by eating from the freezer. For one, I eat less. If I'm going to eat out, I usually end up with a double portion that I still manage to finish off to the last bite. If I'm cooking for myself than I end up with an entire pot full of pasta that I eat bowl after bowl until it's gone within a couple of days. Could I eat less and save the leftovers at a restaurant? Could I cook smaller portions at home? Yes and yes but the simple truth is that it's just harder for me than heating up a properly portioned meal for one.

The other way is that I make more health-conscious choices. There are plenty of TV dinners that are downright terrible in terms of fat, sugar, and sodium content. Fortunately, there is a subsection of more healthful options. Even among those, there are a few that still have higher than expected fat and sodium levels. So I do my homework and double check the numbers. I'm not a super crazy calorie counter or anything but I am at least more aware of nutrition content than most other bachelors.

Did I mention it's super easy? Just a few minutes in a microwave and dinner is done. The most complicated it ever gets is heating for 3:00 minutes, peeling back the film cover, stirring the potatoes, recovering and finishing for another few minutes. Either way, it's still a complete meal in minutes. (Dang it, I didn't mean for that to sound like a commercial.)


So as you can see, I'm pretty excited for a month to recognize the importance of frozen cuisine. That being said, I know I could and should start putting a little more stock in home cooking. So if anyone's willing to offer, I won't turn down a home-cooked meal. Heck, I'll even bring the drinks or dessert.


So any offers for having a dinner guest sometime this month?

How about other frozen food fans? (My personal favorite brand is Lean Cuisine in case you were wondering) What about yours?


dorothy said...

Eric there's no way I can compete with your mom's cooking when you are in Albuquerque.

We eat a lot of frozen here, too, since there are just two of us and we don't always even eat at the same time...

Anonymous said...

All I can say is WOW!

Raquel Carlson said...

So, we live in the same neighborhood, and my roomie and I love cooking! Well, when we actually have time to cook. We should have a fun little dinner sometime.

Eric Castillo said...

@raquel - i think this should be arranged. soon. like, whenever you guys can. just let me know :-)