Thursday, April 14, 2011

Branching out

So much has been going on lately and when things are busiest I want to share more but have less time to do so. It's the Blogger's Conundrum.

Here's the deal: things are changing all over the place in my life right now. In some ways I'm cutting back in areas and other areas I'm branching out and in other ways my life is in a completely different place than just a short couple of months ago. Here are just a few of the things going on right now just to try to keep you all in the loop...


I'm branching out in my writing now more than I ever have before. I'm still trying to maintain this blog as best I can but it's also competing now with other opportunities to share my writing.
I'm still writing for Uncensored Magazine. In fact, I've written up biographies for the musicians participating in this weekend's Red Dirt MusicFest going on in Enid. The issue will be released in the same weekend and I'm pretty excited for it.
I've also started writing for a cool local news website called the Route 60 Sentinel. It's sort of a news, humor, and opinion mix-up with writers who never take themselves too seriously which makes it a lot of fun. My first contribution just went online this week. Check out the Water Thief article and check for future updates through their Facebook page.

This is an example of an area where I'm both branching out and pulling back.
Regretfully, I won't be playing with the Sean Gallagher Band anymore. Believe me, it was an extremely difficult decision that I did not take lightly. It's simply what's best for me right now. I'll miss playing with the guys but I wish them the best and will support them however I can.
Don't worry, I won't be giving up on music altogether. In fact, I'll be doing a little solo performance here in Enid this coming Friday at Scribner's Gallery for the annual Main Street Jazz Stroll.
You might even see future performances as part of the upcoming blogathon but those details will be coming soon.

New house
I already mentioned it in the last post, but it's a big change for me. I moved out of the duplex and into a nice, little 2-bedroom house with a garage and big backyard. My friends and I broke the place in with a housewarming this past weekend. I'm really loving the place and it's been great to have a place of my own all to myself for a change. It's just an added bonus that it's walking distance from two cafes...


So there are a lot of changes going on and these are just the highlights so it's been getting a little crazy trying to stay on top of everything. I hope I can do a better job at keeping you all updated in the future.

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Man, you have a lot going on and changing for you! Sounds exciting!!